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Firstly,  I want to thank each and every one of you for visiting my webpage and downloading my book.


My Journey

On 21st October I suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. It was the beginning of 3 of the most difficult and emotional years of my life.
Join me and learn the true after-effects and consequences of a very serious and life-altering illness.

And then join me in my continuing journey as I regain my health. I’m not there yet, I still have a long way to go, but with my family, my friends and all of you, we can create an army that will keep us all inspired until we all reach our goals.

About Me

In downloading my book, my true life and Very Real Story, you are not just getting a really good read but you are also becoming part of saving my home as due to my injuries I was unable to pay my mortgage and now face not just my recovery , but also homelessness. 

My Time in a Coma

This is a gallery to give you an idea of the impact a sudden cardiac arrest can have.

'You're giving back dignity': Meet the man who fits dentures for the homeless outside the GPO

Kevin Shanahan sees around 20 people during each of his O’Connell Street nighttime sessions. Read more about the service Kevin provided for the homeless on the Journal article by clicking the button below;

Before Kevin's SCA he gave his time to the homeless..

“When you look at someone with no teeth they’ve lost their confidence they’ve lost a bit of dignity,” Shanahan said. “When you give someone teeth you give them a little bit of confidence and you’ll find they’ll smile more – so you’re building a person from the inside out.”

This is my story

It is my dream that this book finds it’s way into the hands of everyone suffering with a chronic or critical illness. Anyone stuck in a rut of feeling disheartened. If i can come back from where i was , i truly hope you find the inspiration within these pages to take that first step and change your own life and situation.